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Senior Saints Ministry
Whether it's monthly recreational outings, weekly Bible studies (10:30AM Tuesdays), or services projects, our seniors are our most active age group. Their spirited service and fellowship have been a constant example that radiates through the entire congregation.

Ladies Ministry
Over 10,000 handmade bears have been crafted and distributed around the world by these dedicated sisters. In addition, numerous lap robes, hats, scarves, and booklets have been sent to the sick, shut-in, and hurting.

Responds to the needs of people for food on a daily basis.  A food pantry is maintained for this purpose.
It is also responsible for keeping records and follow-up communication.

Benevolent requests are processed through the church office.


The church provides Marriage and Family Counseling on a professional and biblical basis for a nominal fee. Knowing how much stress is placed on today's families by our society, we offer this service to help create and support strong, functional families, which are the backbone of the church and the community.

For more information, please visit the Agape Counseling Center. (www.agapecounselingcenter.org)

Military Ministry

The Lakeview Church of Christ's Military Outreach Ministry is a revitalized effort deisgned to reach out to military Christians who are assigned to McChord AFB or Ft. Lewis. This ministry is a two-pringed effort-working with both the local military Chaplains and the A.M.E.N. (American Military Evangelizing Nations) program to identify and contact military Christians moving into and/or currently living in the area. Many young Christians away from home for the first time find it easy to fall away from the Lord. Thus, it is our mission to contact as many service members as we can to inform them of our congregation and encourage their attendance by offering transportation, etc. We want to offer them a friendly church home while they are assigned to the area.

Here's how you can help:

  • Contact and assist those military Christians moving into the area who are identified through the AMEN contact program. Individuals are needed to assist newly-arrived soldiers and airmen (and their families) to make the transition to the area and get settled.
  • Contact by card and/or telephone whose military members who visit our services.
  • Be willing to invite visiting military Christians into your home for dinner after services and/or during the holidays.