Sunday Morning Class

Class Topic 

Location Teacher

1 Corinthians

Class Objective – A study intended to get us thinking about ways the Gospel message speaks to a society that is drifting, and in many ways opposite and opposed to the Christian message.


Keith Purser

Crazy Love

Class Objective - This study evaluates the idea that Christianity in America has missed the point, leading to the view that people will believe in Jesus but they are not impressed with organized religion.  How we live out and communicate our faith can make a difference.

Room 4

Ray West & Dennis Baker

College / Young Professional


Class Objective – Establish a class and other ministry efforts for young people 18-29, and without children. 


Don Russell & Ben Cook

Wednesday Evening

Auditorium – Topical Study, Ordering Your Private World Teacher – Dennis Baker

Class Objective – Many of us have our public lives fairly well organized and ordered.  It is in our private lives, where we know ourselves best, that we experience our biggest failures.