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Cross Talk

Cross        Talk


posted Jun 26, 2015, 2:00 PM by Lakeview Office

As I was reviewing my Sunday night message, my heart was stabbed with the idea that some of what I said was harsh and critical and what I left unsaid was also harsh and critical.  The statement I made about the public outcry against gun control and the confederate flag was sarcastic and arrogant.  My pathos was due to the fact that often times our leaders take action that never addresses the heart of the matter…the human heart.  It is my conviction that a significant contributing factor to the tragic events of our culture is the way we raise, or don’t raise our children.  Many adults who are charged with this very important task fail and society pays the price for that failure.  The flag didn’t cause the hate and the gun didn’t act independently.  To be sure, certain people should not have access to guns and I understand the confederate battle flag is a symbol and reminder of the hate and oppression of the past (and for some, the present).  I have felt that flying the confederate flag was like flying the Japanese flag (but then I’m a dang Yankee). 

Societies that put propaganda above principles don’t long endure because they never address the real problems that are causing the societal decay.  It is the breakdown of the family.  As Moses gave the command for parents to teach and model the ways of God for their children, he warned them that they would end up with societal chaos as they had in the times of the Judges, if they failed.  Instead of instilling in their children the knowledge and lifestyle of the One God, they allowed the gods of the culture to be their one lord.  This freedom from the commands of God made it possible for “everyone to do as they saw fit.”  It took a few generations for the people of Israel to become like the people of Canaan.  It seems that America is on the same path.

Christian parents are to recognize the negative influence of culture and prepare their children to resist the pull of our culture; not only the appeal of sin, but the deceptions of those who claim to be the experts and know better than the God who created us.  Make it your goal to instill character and virtue into your kids.  Limit the exposure of cultural values and become skilled at drawing the difference between cultural values and Christian values.  We are promised, even in a world that seems out of control, that when children honor their godly mothers and fathers, all will go well with them.




posted Jun 19, 2015, 1:44 PM by Lakeview Office

Lead Me With Strong Hands


This is the key phrase of the chorus of the song that is included below.  The point of the song illustrates the message this morning.  Men have big-time responsibilities that demand strength outside of themselves.  In the American culture, this is needed as men are failing in fulfilling God-given responsibility.  While it can be intimidating to know that our wives and children are counting on us to have strong hands, that will not happen unless men have strong hands.



"Lead Me" by Sanctus Real


I look around and see my wonderful life,

almost perfect from the outside

In picture frames I see my beautiful wife, always smiling,

But on the inside, I can hear her saying...


"Lead me with strong hands, stand up when I can't

Don't leave me hungry for love, chasing dreams,

but what about us?

Show me you're willing to fight, that I'm still the love of your life

I know we call this our home, but I still feel alone"


I see their faces, look in their innocent eyes,

They're just children from the outside

I'm working hard, I tell myself they'll be fine, they're independent

But on the inside, I can hear them saying...


"Lead me with strong hands, stand up when I can't

Don't leave me hungry for love, chasing dreams,

but what about us?

Show me you're willing to fight, that I'm still the love of your life

I know we call this our home, but I still feel alone"


So Father, give me the strength, to be everything I'm called to be

Oh, Father, show me the way, to lead them, won't You lead me?


To lead them with strong hands, to stand up when they can't

Don't want to leave them hungry for love,

chasing things that I could give up

I'll show them I'm willing to fight, and give them the best of my life

So we can call this our home,  lead me, 'cause I can't do this alone


Father, lead me, 'cause I can't do this alone






posted Jun 12, 2015, 1:56 PM by Lakeview Office

Benefits of the FaithBuilders Workshop


When I was a new Christian, several of the brothers and sisters from the Hood River church asked me if I was going to attend GNEW.  I said, G-what??  GNEW was a workshop that provided teaching and training for Christians that desired to grow.  It was a time for learning and a time for fellowship.  I loved it and it helped me to see and engage in the bigger picture of the churches of Christ.  I learned things that set a course for my future and the experience helped me set some goals for my faith.  The workshop for our time is called FaithBuilders.  There are several benefits connected to participating in the workshop.


I was looking at the schedule for the FaithBuilders Workshop and found there were several topics and class offerings that are relevant to our priorities as a congregation.  There is a series of classes on building successful marriages, conflict resolution, and friendship evangelism.  I think you will also like the keynotes and classes presented by Sam Jones, Brian Simmons and Jim McGuiggan.


One of the features of a Christian conference is the worship that takes place.  The larger the crowd, the more enthusiastic it can be.  Marcellus Stanley will be leading most of the worship this year.  This should be a highlight of the workshop.


There will be Teen Program that will take place on Saturday, July 11, of the Workshop.  It is a one day program, but it should be useful for our young people.  Eli Hooper has been working with teens for several years and he has a reputation of helping young people understand important elements of the faith.  Any of our young people not attending a camp or helping at a camp would be encouraged by attending.


The final benefit of FaithBuilders is the fellowship of Christians.  For some, functions like this are like old home week; seeing friends you haven’t seen in awhile.  For others, meeting new people can be exciting and enriching. 


There will be something for everyone who attends and I ask you to join with me in praying that God can use that event to make a difference in the lives of Christians and congregations in the Northwest.  Visit faithbuildersnw.com for more details.  The workshop will take place on July 9-11, 2015 on the campus of Pacific Lutheran University, Eastvold Auditorium.




posted Jun 5, 2015, 1:19 PM by Lakeview Office

Matthew 25:34-40…I have included this extended quote in the article because we often lose track of some of the responsibility of God’s people.  Some will look at different projects and judge them based on their Soul-Winning potential.  Soul Winning is crucial, but not everything is about Soul-Winning.  We are supposed to do things because these are what Jesus did.  Our work at the Tacoma Rescue Mission is one of those things.  Through our efforts, we provide food, personal hygiene products and spiritual encouragement.  Our work is caring and compassionate toward those who are victims of a sinful society and those who have made a mess of their lives.  We are planting seeds, others will water, and it is up to them and God whether or not those seeds grow. 

Doing compassionate work is an end in itself.  A congregation of several hundred people can do a lot of good, if everyone does a little.  Compassionate work teaches us to look at people the way that God does.  It helps us to learn how to do things for others without expecting anything in return.  Compassionate Work often leads to Soul-Winning because it teaches Christians to share and engage with others.  Through these efforts, Christ is proclaimed.

We invite you to continue sharing in this ministry that we are now calling ACTS, which stands for “Acclaiming Christ Through Service.”  We will be hosting an Ice Cream Social on Sunday, June 14, following the morning assembly.  This will serve as a fundraiser and information sharing time about the work we do. 

We are providing the ice cream and fixins for this event.  We are asking others, who would like to, help provide home-made ice cream.  And, just to make it fun, we are going to give an award to the person who make the most “unique” flavor of home-made ice cream (for instance, maple bacon vanilla ice cream…YUMMMMM!!!!).  The winner of this contest will receive the coveted ice cream scoop of honor.

Please talk to Ann or Bob Riley if you have any questions.  Remember the date is Sunday, June 14th following morning assembly.  We will receive donations that will benefit the compassionate work of ACTS.  Our goal of fund-raising is $1500.00.  Please give what you can to aid in this effort.




posted May 29, 2015, 1:36 PM by Lakeview Office

Tonight we will honor the accomplishments of our young people who participated in the LTC program this past year.  This year 25 of our youth (grades 3-12) began working and preparing in September.  I am always impressed with the effort the young people put into this.  You will see some of this Sunday night. 

The theme the young people worked around was “Don’t Look Back.”  The Bible book they learned was the book of Luke.  The key verse was Luke 9:52.  The theme gave the participants a focus for all they did.  Creative activities like speeches, songs to lead, bulletin boards, church bulletin articles, puppet skits, live Christian drama skits, artwork, and even songs for choirs present the theme in challenging and creative ways.

Allen Finley will be leading the program Sunday night.  If you are scheduled to lead Sunday night, please talk to Allen.

The leadership team would like to express its gratitude for the service of Allen and Kristi.  We acknowledge their effort and commitment to Lakeview’s kids and for the leadership they provided the team of adults that helped the young people prepare.  We hope you are encouraged by this program.  It will serve as our Sunday Night Service. 

The theme for 2016 has been proposed and accepted by the LTC Board.  The theme is “Refuge: Studies in Joshua, Judges, & Ruth".  Dates for the next convention are April 15-17, 2016.




posted May 22, 2015, 11:48 AM by Lakeview Office

First, I want to thank you for praying for the Baker Family, as Lanita has endured the slow recovery after knee surgery.  She is doing much better and we are grateful for the Spiritual Support.

Second, I wanted to underline an important activity that is coming up at the beginning of June.  It is an event we call “Delano Day.”  The date for Delano Day is Saturday, June 6th.  The purpose of this event is to give Christians a chance to spend the day at the camp facility and participate in raising funds for the camp.  You can purchase lunch and baked goods, the proceeds of which will be used to support the camp.  There are games and other activities for kids and families to enjoy.  If you would like to get a jump on the fun, you may stay Friday night free of charge, either camping or in the dorms.

Delano Bay Christian Camp is a significant ministry of the Lakeview church of Christ.  Many young people have come to faith and have been discipled through the summer camps and other youth activities that are sponsored by the Puget Sound Area Churches.

It is not an understatement to say the best tool of evangelism we have is the work that takes place at Delano Bay Christian Camp.  If you have children or teens, I hope you will send them to summer camp and give them the opportunity to hear the message of Christ and discover how to grow in their faith.  Show your support and experience the fellowship of Delano Day.  Do what you can to help the camp accomplish its important work this summer.  Visit the Delano website (www.delanobay.org) for camp dates and other news concerning the mission of the camp.




posted May 15, 2015, 1:36 PM by Lakeview Office

I do not know if you are familiar with this graphic.  It is the logo for the FaithBuilders Workshop.  FaithBuilders is a Conference for churches of Christ that is overseen by the Elders of the Springbrook and Puyallup Churches of Christ.  This summer marks the second year of the event.  Several from Lakeview supported and attended last year’s function.  I hope you can take advantage of the workshop this year as a way to encourage and equip yourself to do the will of God.

I am excited to hear several of the teachers who will be a part of the program this year.  Those who grab my attention are Jim McGuiggan, Brian Simmons, Eli Hooper, Sam Jones and Keith Parker (all the teachers are well known and respected).

Looking over the brochure, there are several classes and Keynote Speeches that seem valuable to those who are striving to faithfully follow Christ.  There is a childcare program for ages 2 to 11 and a youth program on Saturday, July 11 for ages 12 to graduate. 

First, mark the date on your calendar, July 9-11, 2015.  Second, get a brochure (available next week) and get a copy of the schedule.  Third, visit the website, www.FaithBuildersnw.com and check back often for updates.

I will continue to share news concerning FaithBuilders as the date draws nearer and brochures will be available on the bulletin board near the Training Room.

For questions and registration, contact the FaithBuilders’ office by calling 253.845.6312.  You can also send an e-mail to office@faithbuildersnw.com.




posted May 7, 2015, 2:39 PM by Lakeview Office

My vacation was interrupted by several opportunities and distractions.  One of the distractions was a sprained ankle.  One of the opportunities was to hear about the Solar Player Project that Sunset International Bible Institute (SIBI) is leading.  This year marked Phase II of that project and we heard a presentation by Truitt Adair and Behailu Abebe on April 26th.   I was honored to have lunch with Truitt and Behailu and to learn Behailu’s story.  Something about his story caught my attention and I am captivated with how God has used that one man to help restore New Testament Christianity to the land of Ethiopia.

One of the things I learned was Behailu was planning to be a pilot and so when he was young, his father sent him to a British school so he could learn English.  When he was old enough to test, it was discovered his poor eye-sight disqualified him.  Since he could not be a pilot,  his attention turned to others things.  While a student in college, he was contacted by a missionary.  Because Behailu spoke English, the missionary was able to use the Jule Miller Filmstrips.  He made the decision to become a Christian and was baptized.  He then became an important resource for the church in Ethiopia because he could translate and interpret for the missionaries that worked there.  That was in the early 1960’s.  Since then he has been a dedicated servant for the message of God in many countries of Africa.  As he shared with us, he is currently working with SIBI in translating the material on the Solar Player into the native language of Ethiopia. 

We want to be a part of the project and the Elders have decided that we will take up a special contribution on May 31, 2015.  Some of you may have already given to this in the Mission Contribution that took place on the day when Truitt and Behailu were with us.  If you did, thank you and we will include that in the funds we send to SIBI.

For medical reasons, Behailu has been living in the U.S.  However, he and his wife would like to return, and plan to in the near future as their medical situation is improved.  As he does, he asks that we remember his work and the Church that is in Ethiopia in our prayers.  They are threatened by the terrorism carried out by ISIS in Egypt and Libya.  They also face many of the same struggles we do as they seek to shine God’s light in a land filled with darkness.





posted May 1, 2015, 1:28 PM by Lakeview Office

When you’re involved in a capella congregational worship, something profound happens.  Maybe you’ve noticed it, the thing that makes a capella worship services great.  Good sound is nice, yes. Pretty voices are a plus, and the latest and greatest worship anthems are all wonderful. None of these, however, are the clincher for truly great worship.  Do you know what the secret is? If not, your praise gatherings are missing out.  The secret will be the topic of the Praise and Harmony Workshop. 


This workshop will take place on Wednesday, May 6, 2015.   (That is this coming Wednesday).


Keith Lancaster will be leading the Workshop.  He believes that, whether you describe your Sunday morning worship as uninspiring or engaging, you can have more energy, better flow, more songs, more connection, more music competency, more emotional variety, and fresh arrangements of the classics by incorporating just a few, simple techniques that revolve around one goal: 100% participation.  That’s it. That’s the secret.


Consummate praise is not achieved by execution so much as inclusion. We see this principle in scripture passages like Ephesians 5:19: “Speak to one another in psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs. Sing and make music from your heart to the Lord.” In fact, God Himself sings over us (Zephaniah 3:17), calling us to join the song of the universe.   Here’s the problem: 100% participation doesn’t always happen. In fact, it rarely ever happens, growing more infrequent each year. Each day, our consumer culture instills in us a craving for passive, vicarious, spectator experiences.  Whether in television, concerts, movies, or sporting events, we look for exciting multimedia spectacle with little investment.


Of course, this is fine for entertainment, but when we bring such a mentality to our congregations, we assault the integrity of our worship together. God has invited everyone to join His choir, regardless of vocal ability, and we shortchange both our congregations and our Lord when we don’t do everything we can to muster every member to praise.


Please plan to be at the Praise and Harmony Workshop.  Our learning of new songs has been to prepare us for this Workshop. 


Note the Time Change:  It begins at 6:30 PM and ends at 8:30 PM.  This workshop is for the entire congregation.





posted Apr 24, 2015, 1:18 PM by Lakeview Office

Today is a special opportunity for Lakeview.  We have two honored guests, Truitt Adair with the Sunset International Bible Institute and Behailu Abede, who is one of the principle leaders in the Church in Ethiopia.  It is astonishing to think that one is among us, from a land that is rich in Christian heritage and whose story is connected with the first generation of Christians.  We are indeed honored.

They are with us to let us know of a work called Solar Event II.  It is familiar because we participated in the initial Solar Event by contributing funds that were used to provide solar-powered audio players that serve as teaching tools in developing areas.  This phase of the project is significant because it has the material on it recorded in Amharic language, the main language of Ethiopia.

Sunset had the material on the Solar Player translated into Amharic and then took the recording equipment to Ethiopia where five of our Christian brothers spent several days recording all of the teaching on the solar player.  Sunset then placed the recorded material on the solar players.  Having the material recorded by people in the country means that when people hear the Bible teaching, it will sound “normal” and familiar to them and they would be more willing to listen and accept the teaching.

In a few weeks we will take up a special contribution to assist in this important project.  Today, we will be encouraged by the teaching of these two committed servants of God.



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